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2020: The BEST SKIN of my life!

New year, new me? Nope. New year, same me, with glowing skin. Sound good?

The truth is, like may of you, I have struggled with hormonal acne, pore congestion, picking, and scarring for many years. I have worked with almost every major skin care company in the medical category. Just to name a few: SkinMedica, Obagi, SkinCeuticals, Neocutis, PCA, Alastin, SkinBetter, Restorsea, EltaMD, ISDIN, Epionce, and iS Clinical. That doesn't include the list of products I've tried from other beauty stores like Sephora, Ulta, or (let's be honest) Instagram. Sure, they all have great, well-studied ingredients and are likely to improve some aspects of your skin, especially if you're used to drug store products. BUT...

That's a big 'but' right?

Here's the peanuts... what all of these companies and products aren't doing is encouraging your own skin cells do what they used to do, what they're supposed to do. Thick moisturizers, hyaluronic acid serums, 'natural' oils, and any of the billion masks on the internet look great, feel great, definitely smell great, but beneath it all, they are actually teaching your cells to do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Products like these make your skin cells lazy and over time, decreases their function. I spent the last few months learning more, researching skin care brands, and choosing new products for my "skin over-haul." My new goal for 2020 is encouraging and pushing my skin cells to do more of what they did when I was a child - turning over sooner, healing faster, producing just the right amount of oil, fighting UV damage and oxidative stress, and of course, glowing.

How? I knew you'd ask. After lots of research, I have chosen ZO Skin Health as the new foundation of my routine. ZO was developed by Dr. Zein Obagi (yes, that Obagi, but after that) and scientifically designed to do exactly what I've been looking to do, simply to retrain my cells to act like they did when I was young. The line focuses on epidermal repair, then dermal health, inflammation reduction, DNA repair, barrier function improvement, and finally, pigmentation control. And of course, there are several studies to back up the quality of the ingredients and efficacy of the products.

Now to be completely honest, I actually started using a few of their products back in November. So far... it 100% has exceeded my expectations. The difference is already obvious, so much so that my husband (the "I wash with bar soap" guy) asked if he could try it too. If that isn't saying something, I don't know what would. So, stay tuned this year as I share my journey, my routine, the products, and the results.